Full-stack Developer
Chanakya Labs
  (An Initiative for Open Education)
An 18-week program to help absolute beginners become
Full-stack web application developers and be Job-ready!
The purpose of this program is to make you proficient in all aspects of a complete web application stack, viz. frontend, backend, databases and devOps.
Program Duration:
  18 weeks (4.5 months)
Program starts:
  March 20, 2022 (March cohort)
Program Fee:
  No Fees (for enrollment and course contents)
  For mentorship and premium support, visit pricing page.
There are no pre-requisites for this program as such, apart from the fact that the learners should have a laptop with Internet connection. However, a learner should be self-motivated and should have a genuine interest to learn and grow his/her career into full-stack web development. No previous programming experience is required.
This program can be most helpful to you if:
  • you are not a programmer, but want to switch your career into a developer role.
  • you are already a programmer, but want to upskill yourself to become a full-stack developer.
  • you are currently a student and want to acquire real-world skills that actually matter to the employers in the industry.
  • you are a non-technical founder/entrepreneur who wants to build and launch web applications for your startup.
Program structure
This is a part-time program with an expectation of around 12 hrs/week of effort from the learners.
Medium of instruction :
  English + Hindi
  • All contents (study materials) are available in English language only.
  • All lecture videos are available in English as well as in Hindi.
  • However, all the discussion sessions will be mostly in Hindi to encourage participation from all the learners in the session.
Programming language :
  JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Frontend: JavaScript (with TypeScript)
  • Backend: Node.js (with TypeScript)
Frequency of live sessions :
  3 discussion classes per week
  • 2 lecture discussion classes per week
  • 1 peer discussion class per week
NOTE: For more information about the classes, go to the  "Program walkthrough" section at the bottom of this page.
Timing of classes :
  • For the lecture discussion classes (twice per week), you can choose one the following slots as per your convenience:
    • Mon & Thu, 9 PM - 11 PM (2 hrs each)
    • Tue & Fri, 9 PM - 11 PM (2 hrs each)
  • For the peer discussion class (once per week), you can choose one of the following slots as per your convenience:
    • Sat, 11 AM - 12 PM (1 hr)
    • Sat, 7 PM - 8 PM (1 hr)
    • Sun, 11 AM - 12 PM (1 hr)
    • Sun, 7 PM - 8 PM (1 hr)
Weekly time requirements :
  Around 12 hrs/week
  • Lecture videos (2-3 hrs/week)
  • Live discussion classes (5 hrs/week)
  • Assignments and quizzes (around 4 hrs/week)
Program curriculum
Technologies covered :
  • JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript
  • React.js
  • Node.js, Express.js
  • NPM, Git
  • MongoDB
  • Create React App (CRA)
  • Next.js
  • DevOps basics using GitHub and AWS
  • Observable pattern using RxJS
Program walkthrough
  • The lecture videos are recorded by instructors and are made available on the course page well in-advance before the discussion class.
  • You are required to have already watched these lecture videos before coming to the lecture discussion class.
  • The discussion classes are held as online live meetings (mostly zoom video calls) which will be an integral part of your learning.
  • There will be 2 lecture discussion classes every week on weekdays. Apart from that, you will have 1 peer discussion class every week on the weekend.
  • The purpose of lecture discussion classes is to ensure that you have watched and understood the contents of lecture videos required for that discussion class. There might be many short quizzes during the discussion class to gauge your current understanding of the lecture contents. Apart from that, you can also ask any questions or conceptual clarifications related to the corresponding lectures during the discussion class.
  • The purpose of peer discussion class is to get you acquainted with your fellow learners and freely discuss your learnings and other ideas. If required, you can also request a mentor to join your ongoing peer session for some time, in case you or your group needs some help.
  • If you timely complete the Program with all the requirements (assignments and quiz performance), you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • If you perform well in the Program, you might also get Placement Assistance and Mock interview prep for landing into your preferred Job role.
Community support
All the learners of this program will have access to our discord community where they can discuss and interact with other members in the community.
About this Program
This Program is a part of an initiative from Chanakya Labs for imparting free education relating to in-demand technical skills required in the industry. The Program is designed and created by IIT Delhi alumnus having experience of over 8 years in Full-stack development and other related areas in the industry.
Hope to see you soon inside the Program. Happy learning!
Contact us
In case of any query, you can reach out to us at:  fullstack@chanakyalabs.com